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by Abigail Van Buren

High School Sweethearts Set Their Sights on Different Goals

DEAR ABBY: My favorite sister-in-law is now a two-year cancer survivor. We are thrilled that she's doing so well. But she still has her short "cancer haircut."

Abby, she has fabulous hair, but won't let it grow out. I know this may seem trivial, but she'd look like a million bucks if she'd allow her hair to get longer. She's such a special lady, none of the family want to tell her anything but how great she is. Should I keep my opinion to myself? -- LOVING RELATIVE IN KANSAS CITY

DEAR LOVING RELATIVE: Your sister-in-law's reasons for keeping her hair short may be practical, or they could be emotional. Please realize that advice which is unasked for is often unwelcome and keep your mouth shut. She'll let her hair grow out when she's ready.