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by Abigail Van Buren

Woman Who Loves Working Resents Talk of Retirement

DEAR ABBY: My daughter-in-law has been trying to get my son out of his tighty-whiteys for a few years now. He has gained a few pounds and they are just a little too tight. He isn't overweight, but men's underwear makers don't make in-between sizes. She has bought him a larger size, but he refuses to wear them.

Do you have any ideas on how to get him out of -- so to speak -- his tighty-whiteys and into something more flattering? By the way, I am not a meddling mother-in-law, but my daughter-in-law was too embarrassed to write. -- NOT A MEDDLER

DEAR NOT A MEDDLER: One way to accomplish it might be for your daughter-in-law to occasionally mention how "hot" your son would look in something else. If that doesn't work, she should just continue to feed him the way she has been -- and when the tighty-whiteys cut off his circulation, he may decide to get out of them himself.