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by Abigail Van Buren

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DEAR ABBY: Whenever I go out with my friend "Tara," she is ALWAYS 15 to 30 minutes late. Regardless of where we are going or what we'll be doing, she makes me wait.

I am a busy person. Tara does not work. She will call to let me know she'll be late, but still I have to wait. She does this with other people, too.

I am so fed up with waiting for her that I have reached the point of no longer being willing to do it. What can I do about her inconsiderate behavior? -- ON THE DOT, MONROE, LA.

DEAR ON THE DOT: Give your friend a sweet, but firm warning. Tell her that when you make a date with her, you expect her to be ready at the appointed time -- and if she's not, you will leave without her. Then follow through.