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by Abigail Van Buren

Dad Sells Family Heirlooms to Impress New Girlfriend

DEAR ABBY: I've been single for a year and a half, and have four children. After 14 miserable years, I finally left their father. He abused me in many ways, which is the reason I left.

He is now in a relationship -- and I want him back. Is this normal? I thought I left for all the right reasons, and I never expected to feel this way. I can't understand why my feelings for him are starting to resurface. I thought that part of my life was over.

Is it because I'm alone? Is it because he has someone else? Am I jealous? Please give me some insight. I'm ... DAZED IN ARIZONA

DEAR DAZED: The feelings you are experiencing are normal and are probably a combination of each of the reasons you mentioned. You have the responsibility of raising your four children, and you probably envision you and your ex floating off on a pink cloud to a happy ending. Well, grab the smelling salts because it isn't going to happen.

By leaving your husband and removing the children from that toxic environment, you took a giant step toward a healthy future for all of you. Your husband is an abuser. What he did to you he will do to his new lady friend sooner or later. So be glad you got out, and don't look back. Lot's wife looked back and turned into a pillar of salt. If you do it, you'll be frozen in place, too.