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by Abigail Van Buren

Daughter Says New Girlfriend Is Nothing but Trouble for Dad

DEAR ABBY: My son, "Jasper," is a part-time student living at home and working with me in our family business. He was not at home and ready to work this morning. This isn't the first time it has happened.

I have told my son that I enjoy working with him and consider him an asset to the business, but he needs to be more reliable. I have suspended him for one week without pay.

My wife feels I'm being harsh, but any other employer would do the same or worse. I feel Jasper needs to learn the facts of life in the working world. Do you agree with my decision? -- JOE IN SACO, MAINE

DEAR JOE: I certainly do. One of the most important elements in achieving success in any career is showing up for the job. If your son can't accept that, then perhaps he would learn the truth of it by working in something other than the family business for a year.