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by Abigail Van Buren

Grandmother Sees Too Much of Bodybuilding Teen's Work

DEAR ABBY: My brother, "Curt," is a 38-year-old rookie cop. We are all proud of his decision to go to the police academy and want him to be successful. The problem is, at every family function, Curt thinks it's funny to demonstrate the tactics he uses to make noncompliant suspects submit.

These actions are unwelcome, and they really hurt. Curt has used this type of force on me, my sister and my children, ages 6 and 8. When I ask him not to do it anymore, he laughs. He thinks it's all a big joke and seems to enjoy having this power over other family members.

It is not a joke anymore. If Curt does this again, I'm afraid I will defend myself, and then all hell will break loose. What should I do? -- NOT AMUSED IN NORTHERN CALIFORNIA

DEAR NOT AMUSED: If your brother is doing this with his siblings and their children, can you imagine what he must be doing to someone he places under arrest? Your brother is getting a kick out of inflicting pain, even if it involves young children. In other words, he's sadistic and not very bright.

Inform your brother that if it happens again you and the family will pay a visit to the chief of police in your community and file a report. It is officers like your brother who give law enforcement a bad name.