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by Abigail Van Buren

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DEAR ABBY: My ex-wife recently remarried and has decided to keep my last name and hyphenate it with her new husband's. She says she's doing it "for the sake of our children."

I don't buy that for a minute, Abby. She was unfaithful many times during our marriage, and I want her to stop using my name so some dignity and honor can be restored to it.

Do you agree that she should drop my name, or does she have a right to it? -- WANTS MY NAME BACK IN MAINE

DEAR WANTS: Although I understand your anger, try to take comfort in the fact that your ex still finds prestige in the association with you. Honor and dignity will be restored to your name by the way you and the children conduct yourselves in the future.

P.S. As long as your ex is not trying to defraud anyone, she has the right to use the name you gave her. Accept it and move on.