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by Abigail Van Buren

Moms Debate Loading Question in Supermarket Parking Lots

DEAR ABBY: Now that election time is nearing, I would like to address a question that invariably comes up this time of year. That is, people asking me who I voted for. I think this is a personal subject. I am registered with a party and support it at election time. Who I vote for is my business.

My answer is, "I voted for the person I want to win." Sometimes this is not good enough for some people, and they insist I tell who I voted for. I just repeat my answer and go on. Any advice on this? -– REGISTERED VOTER IN NORTH CAROLINA

DEAR REGISTERED VOTER: I agree that it's nobody's business for whom you voted. What I find interesting is, if I answer the question and my candidate isn't the one my questioner prefers, I then hear a recitation of the other candidate's campaign slogans.

You are handling the situation correctly.