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by Abigail Van Buren

Mystery of Autism Begins With Deciding What It Is

DEAR ABBY: How do you tell friends and family that you're not interested in being fixed up? I'm a male, in my mid-40s, happily divorced for many years and have no desire to remarry.

I raised my children on my own, have a good job and many friends, but no desire to get into a relationship that could lead to more of a commitment than I am willing to make.

My life is good, but I'm constantly bombarded with questions like, "When are you going to get married again?" or, "Why don't you let me fix you up? I have the perfect woman for you." I don't know how to respond to this constant badgering. Please advise. -- THANKS BUT NO THANKS IN OHIO

DEAR T.B.N.T.: Continue telling these well-meaning people you are happy with your life just the way it is, and if they don't get the message, have a T-shirt made that reads "Been There, Done That." You should know, however, that men who are married live longer than those who are single, or perhaps it just seems longer. (Only joking!)