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by Abigail Van Buren

Sister Burdened With Debt Has Only Herself to Blame

DEAR ABBY: Early in our marriage -- the second for both of us -- my husband suggested having my portrait painted in the nude. We found an artist we were comfortable with, and the painting turned out so beautiful, we decided to have my husband pose nude, too.

We keep these paintings in our bedroom and have never allowed anyone else to see them. We plan to cherish them for many years, but now realize we will need to make arrangements for their safekeeping after we're gone. They are tastefully positioned, beautifully framed and quite large. We do not want our children left with the task of finding a home for our "artwork."

How do we go about finding a gallery that will display them? -- PICTURE-PERFECT IN PENNSYLVANIA

DEAR PICTURE-PERFECT: Start calling the museums and art galleries in your area. Your success may depend upon the level of recognition the artist who painted your portraits has achieved. If that doesn't work, then contact the clothing-optional resorts in your area and ask if they would like to hang them in their clubhouse.