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by Abigail Van Buren

Mom Feels Helpless Watching Troubled Son Waste His Life

DEAR ABBY: My wife's niece is being married in May. The wedding is 1,500 miles from here. Our daughter, "Sophie," a college sophomore, will be a bridesmaid in the wedding.

For the last year and a half Sophie has been dating "Trey," whom she met at school, and it appears to be a solid relationship. I like him.

Trey received an invitation to the wedding, too, which was unnecessary in my opinion. Now my wife insists it's our responsibility to buy Trey an airplane ticket so he can attend. He will stay in a hotel room with my sons if he goes.

I don't mind paying for the room and related expenses, but I see no reason why I should fork out hundreds of dollars for an airline ticket. I already have to pay for my family of five for this trip. My wife says I'm stingy. Am I? -- GETTING FLAK IN ATLANTA

DEAR GETTING FLAK: It was nice of your sister-in-law to invite your daughter's boyfriend to the wedding. If you can afford to buy him a ticket, doing so would be a nice gesture. However, you are under no obligation to foot the bill for his transportation.