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by Abigail Van Buren

Proud Dad Is at Daughter's Side During Grandson's Birth

DEAR ABBY: I was a single father to my two daughters for several years. I love them with all my heart. Even though I do not always approve of everything they do, my love for them is unconditional, and we're very close.

My 25-year-old daughter, "Tracy," recently had a baby boy. The child's father is not in the picture. She's doing well as a new mom and single working parent. I'm proud of her.

When Tracy was ready to deliver, she asked me to be with her in the delivery room. I had no problem with it, but my current wife (Tracy's stepmom) said she thought it was kind of perverted. I disagreed. My girls have always told me I was the best "mother" they could have ever wished for.

My wife and I didn't exactly have a major blowup over it, but she still insists that my being there was inappropriate. What do you think? -- NEW GRANDPA IN OKLAHOMA CITY

DEAR GRANDPA: Your daughter gave you the greatest honor a woman can give, and it's because you fulfilled the role of BOTH parents during an important time of her life. If your daughter wanted you with her during this joyous, but stressful time, then that's where you belonged.

Giving birth to a baby is not like performing a pole dance. Your wife should loosen her laces and be less judgmental.