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by Abigail Van Buren

Wife Says Husband Is All Wet When It Comes to Apologies

DEAR ABBY: My husband believes an apology is required only if the action requiring one is intentional. For example, if my husband opens the windows and then turns on the sprinklers, allowing water into the living room, he thinks he doesn't need to apologize for causing the ensuing mess because he didn't do it intentionally.

I believe an apology is necessary, not just for an accident, but for anything that causes inconvenience to another person.

What are your thoughts? -- IRRITATED IN IRVING, TEXAS

DEAR IRRITATED: It seems you have married someone who's a little rough around the edges. If your husband opens a window, turns on the sprinklers and causes your drapes, furniture or carpet to become wet, he owes you an apology for the inconvenience he caused. To do otherwise implies an insensitivity to your feelings. My question would be, Is your husband also this way when it comes to other things?