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by Abigail Van Buren

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DEAR ABBY: My brother is 16, just one year younger than I am, but he's doing some risky things that have me worried. One of the risks he is taking is against the law -- he's drinking alcohol. I told him not to, but as a teenage boy, he thinks listening to his older sister is not cool.

I can't tell my parents because then I'd be a snitch and a tattle-tale. What can I do? -- WAVERING IN WICHITA, KAN.

DEAR WAVERING: Some secrets are meant to be kept, others are better broken. Drinking and drugs fall into the latter category. Tell your parents what is going on before your brother gets into serious trouble, and ask them to keep what you told them confidential. Once they have been made aware of your brother's drinking, "catching" him while he's inebriated won't be difficult.