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by Abigail Van Buren

Eye Candy Holds No Beauty for Overweight Receptionist

DEAR ABBY: I'm writing concerning my daughter, who is 10. She signed up to play basketball, but now she cries when she has to go to practice or to games, and says she wants to stop playing.

Her mother and I are divorced. Her mom says it's OK for her to quit, but I was raised believing that when you start something you should finish it. Now it looks like I am the bad guy. Should I let her go ahead and quit, or make her finish? -- THE BAD GUY, CIRCLEVILLE, OHIO

DEAR BAD GUY: Before making your final decision, talk with your daughter and find out what's going on at those basketball games and practices that's driving her to tears. She may have a good reason for wanting to quit. However, if she does quit, she should replace basketball with another sport or pastime that will keep her active -- such as dance, self-defense, gymnastics, etc.