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by Abigail Van Buren

Trucker's Lonely Wife Craves Four Legged Companionship

DEAR ABBY: My teenage daughter, "Dayna," is asked to baby-sit by a neighbor who seems to ask her only when the other teenage girl in the neighborhood is unavailable. This doesn't bother her so much as the fact that the last time she baby-sat, she was paid less than what the other teenager receives. Dayna is friendly with the other girl, and they talk, so my daughter was very hurt when she found out the neighbor thought she was worth less.

If Dayna is asked to baby-sit again, what should she say to these parents without causing a rift in the neighborhood? -- CONCERNED MOM IN NEW JERSEY

DEAR CONCERNED MOM: Baby-sitting is a business. When the neighbor calls, now that your daughter knows what her friend is being paid, she should tell the neighbor that her price has gone up and state what it is. Your daughter is under no obligation to tell the woman why, and if the woman is intelligent, she won't have to ask, because she will know the girls compared notes.