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by Abigail Van Buren

Trucker's Lonely Wife Craves Four Legged Companionship

DEAR ABBY: I have been married to "Jim" for 12 years. We recently got a dog, and I knew he wouldn't want her living in the house. I love dogs, and she's a very small breed. I want her to live in the house as a member of the family, but every time I mention it, Jim gets angry and says he just won't come home as often.

My husband drives a truck and is often gone for weeks at a time. This has put a real stress on our relationship. I find his opinion cruel and inhumane. Should I push the issue or just drop it? -- LONELY IN BURLEY, IDAHO

DEAR LONELY: You forgot to mention that your husband is also somewhat selfish. He should be glad that you have a four-legged friend instead of a two-legged one. If he is gone for weeks at a time, it should not be surprising that you would like companionship during his extended absence.

Pets do best when they are a part of the household because they are usually better trained and better behaved, so stand your ground. Your husband should be ashamed of himself for threatening you, because the problem isn't the dog; it's that he's gone so much.