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by Abigail Van Buren

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DEAR ABBY: Every time I see plastic Easter eggs given to young children, it makes me cringe. I am reminded of the time my toddler received a basket containing some of them. Almost immediately one ended up in his mouth, where most things go at that age.

The pointed end of the egg was a "perfect fit." As my son inhaled, the egg got stuck in the back of his mouth, cutting off his breath. He was unable to make a sound while he was slowly being deprived of oxygen. When his little face began turning blue, my husband became alarmed, reached in, dislodged the plastic egg and pulled it out.

I am thankful that we were in the same room and were able to take such quick action. Abby, please warn parents and others that these "toys" can be dangerous for small children. -- THANKFUL IN VENTURA, CALIF.

DEAR THANKFUL: Thank YOU for sharing your close call. Let it be a warning to other parents of small children -- if you have plastic eggs in the house, get rid of them now, before a tragedy occurs.