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by Abigail Van Buren

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DEAR ABBY: I have a happy 10-year marriage. Recently my husband, "Ben," found a snapshot of me taken when I was about 15. At the time, I was trying to look sexy: tight jeans, unbuttoned shirt, come-hither look -- but now it's just embarrassing. I laughed with him at the silly photo and forgot about it.

This week, Ben brought home a "surprise" -- a life-sized painting of me based on that old photo. Now he wants to hang it in our home. I told him I didn't find it flattering and would be uncomfortable having that slutty painting of me displayed anywhere. He said I'm too sensitive, and no one will know it's me. (What an insult!)

Then Ben played his trump card: He bought the painting for himself, not for me, and thus it's his decision whether (and where) he chooses to hang it in his house.

I am mortified. I can't imagine looking my guests in the eye after they see that painting. Am I overreacting? -- BLUSHING IN THE MIDWEST

DEAR BLUSHING: I think so. Regardless of how much you think you have changed, that painting reflects how your husband perceives you. To him, you are "hot," and that's a compliment. Perhaps you can negotiate where the painting will be hung.

It would be nice if he were more sensitive to your feelings, but it appears he is not. So try to accept it and, instead of blushing, tell your guests that the painting is HIS idea of "art," not yours.