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by Abigail Van Buren

Alcohol Fuels Fire of Conflict Between Parent and Teenager

DEAR ABBY: Last summer, my high school sweetheart and I linked up again at our class reunion. We live in different states. A few months later, I visited her. Two months after that, she came to visit me for a week. We got along great.

We talk constantly and are in love with each other all over again. Neither of us has children or other obligations. She has agreed to move here, get her own place for a while, and let nature take its course. I can't see myself without her.

Her friends think she might be acting too hastily. Do you think we need more time? We are both 38 and are ready to spend our lives together. What do you think? -- CONFUSED IN KENTUCKY

DEAR CONFUSED: You are both adults. Since there is nothing keeping her in the town where she lives, I see no reason why she shouldn't relocate to yours. Her friends mean well, I'm sure, but they are not the ones who should be deciding whether her decision is too hasty, and I think they should butt out.