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by Abigail Van Buren

Boyfriend's Dating Profile Artfully Dodges the Truth

DEAR ABBY: A year ago, my stepdaughter got married and asked my daughter to be in her wedding. The wedding was in North Carolina and we live in Pennsylvania. Since my daughter couldn't travel there to be fitted for her gown, it was shipped to us. We asked if we could go to a national chain store and get the same gown here to make sure the size was right. The bride refused.

When the gown arrived, it was the wrong size. We had to pay for the extensive alterations, as well as the gown.

Now my other stepdaughter is getting married, and she wants my daughter in her wedding. If the gown she selects doesn't fit, would it be wrong to ask that the alterations be paid for by the bride? She knows the trouble we had with the last gown, but insists on picking out the gown at a store in her area. Help! -- RE-FIT TO BE TIED

DEAR RE-FIT: You're all family. As long as the dress is identical, it shouldn't matter where the garment is purchased. However, if she insists on ordering a gown from a store in her area, she should be prepared to pay for the alterations.