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by Abigail Van Buren

Wife Scratching Her Head Over Soldier Itching to Fight

DEAR ABBY: As my mother lay dying, one of her female friends asked her what she intended to do with her condo "when the time came." Mother was dumbfounded, but politely responded that she did not know -- she would leave those details up to her three adult children.

Mother passed away two months ago. This same "friend" sent our family a sympathy card. Inside she wrote: "What do you plan to do with the unit in Orlando? We have friends who would like to buy it. Let us know ASAP and we'll put them in touch with you."

Abby, how would you respond to this? -- APPALLED IN FLORIDA

DEAR APPALLED: This "friend" has set a new record for tactlessness and insensitivity.

How would I respond? If I wanted to sell the condo, I'd notify a Realtor and have him or her contact this friend. Alternatively, if I wanted to retain the condo, I'd ignore that "sympathy" card.