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by Abigail Van Buren

Triangle of Love, Friendship Is Broken Apart by Betrayal

DEAR ABBY: My heart is broken. I am a 21-year-old college student. Today was supposed to be my wedding day. My twin sister, "Diana," my ex-fiance, "John," and I were always very close. John and I have dated since high school. Last week, Diana told me she is three months pregnant with John's baby. She said that when I was studying for exams, she and John had a one-time fling while both of them were drunk. The two people I am closest to in the world have betrayed me. I no longer speak to either one.

I plan to return to college to finish my senior year. Do you think I can ever repair these relationships? Should I forgive John and marry him? Please help me. -- UNHAPPY IN THE MIDWEST

DEAR UNHAPPY: Can you repair these relationships? Possibly, with the passage of time. Should you marry John? Not unless you want your niece or nephew to also be your stepdaughter or stepson. That's a lot to swallow, but only time will tell -- lots and lots of time. In the meantime, enjoy your senior year. Participate in school activities and work on expanding your circle of friends.