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by Abigail Van Buren

Expectant Mom Doesn't Expect Much From Father of Her Baby

DEAR ABBY: What is an "emotional affair"? An office worker hinted to me that my husband is having one with a member of his staff. Does it lead to the ultimate affair? -- NEEDS TO KNOW IN LAS VEGAS

DEAR NEEDS TO KNOW: An emotional affair is a relationship in which the two people have a special kinship. It is very intimate, and often a prelude to a sexual affair. It includes sharing confidences, marital problems, emotional support -- and it's time taken away from the spouse and family that rightfully should be spent with them.

For the sake of your marriage, find out why your husband has chosen to communicate on this level with someone other than you. Some sessions with a marriage counselor would be helpful for both of you. If he is unwilling to go, go without him.