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by Abigail Van Buren

Girl Assaulted by Friend's Dad Doesn't Know What to Do Next

DEAR ABBY: I have been living with "Ken" for seven years. On two occasions in the past few months, he has told me he's dating someone else. Each time, Ken allowed me to believe it for more than an hour. Then he admitted he was "putting me on" -- that he was only testing me to see if I really loved him.

We were already having problems, and this "game" has caused me to doubt our future together. When Ken realized how upset and manipulated I felt, he apologized and said he regretted ever making such a statement.

I am trying to believe him and forgive him, but I'm having a hard time. Am I wrong for having doubts about him? -- ANGRY AND CONFUSED IN THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST

DEAR ANGRY AND CONFUSED: Your boyfriend's game is sadistic. You're right to have second thoughts about him. If Ken pulls something like this again, dump him and don't look back.