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by Abigail Van Buren

Woman Living Online Fantasy Can't Be Sure of the Facts

DEAR ABBY: My husband, "Elmer," seeks attention from every woman he meets. He tells stories boasting about himself, and it's always about what he did 40 or 50 years ago.

Elmer will say to a friend, "Tell so-and-so (the wife of a mutual friend) I still love her." Or, "How's my old sweetheart? Tell that little lady I'm still waiting for her."

Other times, Elmer will telephone a buddy and if the wife answers, he'll start with, "This is your old lover-boy," instead of giving his name.

Most of the time I'm embarrassed for my husband. I also consider his behavior disrespectful to me. What's my husband's problem, Abby? Help is needed here. -- DISGRUNTLED LONGTIME WIFE

DEAR DISGRUNTLED: You married a man with an outgoing, flirtatious personality. Elmer is not being disrespectful of you -- this is simply his "shtick." Having heard his routine over and over, you've lost your sense of humor about it. He may need some new material, but I doubt he's going to alter the script, so please lighten up and try not to take it personally. I'm sure nobody else does.