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by Abigail Van Buren

Lonely Caregiver Seeks Comfort in Wrong Arms

DEAR ABBY: The letter you printed from "Rehabilitation Counselor," advising people with seizure disorders about state agencies that assist individuals with disabilities to become gainfully employed, was excellent. However, I would like to add more information:

Canine Partners for Life (CPL) is an organization that provides "service" dogs to people with various disabilities to assist them in leading more normal lives. These service dogs can be trained to detect a seizure up to 30 minutes before it happens, enabling the individual to take precautions required to possibly prevent or alleviate the problem. -- PETER ESHERICK, OREFIELD, PA.

DEAR PETER: I am familiar with service dogs and the important role they can play in the lives of people with disabilities. While most of us are aware that Seeing Eye dogs perform an important function for sightless people, special dogs can also be trained to retrieve items, open and close doors, provide stability when walking, and alert their owners to oncoming seizures.

Canine Partners for Life can be contacted by writing to P.O. Box 170, Cochranville, PA 19330-0170. The phone number is (610) 869-4902 and the fax number is (610) 869-9785. The Web site is � HYPERLINK "" ���.