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DEAR ABBY: My 16-year-old daughter, "Olivia," is pregnant. My husband, "Bill," kicked her out of the house because the father is of another race. Abby, she has nowhere to live and is staying with whoever will take her in each night. She doesn't eat properly and she doesn't sleep well.

Olivia has always dreamed of going to college and becoming a private investigator. I am afraid if she doesn't come home, she may not be strong enough to make it through high school -- especially with a baby to take care of.

I am desperate to help my daughter, but Bill won't budge. Should I leave him and let the chips fall where they may? -- WORRIED ABOUT MY DAUGHTER IN FORT WORTH

DEAR WORRIED: Your daughter is in serious trouble. She needs you right now to survive. Tell your husband, the bigot, that Olivia is your responsibility legally and morally until she reaches adulthood. If he refuses to back off and accept it, HE should be the one to leave, not you and Olivia.

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