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by Abigail Van Buren

Grandmother's Murder Sparks Ongoing Strife Within Family

DEAR ABBY: It was a special delight for me to read your July 4 column concerning the Cub Scout activity called the Pinewood Derby.

I invented the derby in the early 1950s for the purpose of fostering a father-and-son project for the Cub Scouts. The first derby was held in a small scout house in Manhattan Beach, Calif., on May 15, 1953. We will celebrate our 50th anniversary next year! Since its inception, millions of Cub Scouts and parents worldwide have participated.

I would like to express thanks to all the parents and grandparents for their dedicated involvement in the derby over the years. A second round of applause to the moms who have participated with and encouraged their children. -- DON MURPHY, TORRANCE, CALIF.

DEAR DON: You deserve to take a bow for conceiving such a helpful program, which seems to have taken off and assumed a life of its own.