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by Abigail Van Buren

No Room in Widow's Heart for Men Who Need Lovin'

DEAR ABBY: My husband and I are young newlyweds. His job takes him out of town five days a week, so I'm pretty much a weekend wife only, and I hate it.

The real problem is his drinking. He didn't drink as much before we were married. Now I'm starting to believe he has a problem. When he drinks, he becomes rude and violent. Not toward me -- yet. He also gets into trouble during the week when he's away.

I want to stop this before it gets worse, but I don't know how to begin. -- A WEEKEND WIFE WHO NEEDS HELP FAST

DEAR WEEKEND WIFE: YOU can't stop your husband from drinking -- only he can make that decision. Unless he is willing to admit he has a problem and to do something about it, the situation will get worse.

What you CAN do is contact Al-Anon. It provides information and support to family and friends of alcoholics. Call 1-888-4-AL-ANON (1-888-425-2666). The Web site is