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by Abigail Van Buren

Old Friendship Loses Focus When Life Is Picture Perfect

DEAR ABBY: My problem involves a good friend of mine I'll call "Danny." He seems to be infatuated with my wife. Danny was best man at our wedding and kept making jokes like, "I get to marry her if you don't show up, right?"

Ever since the wedding, he makes comments about how he's going to "steal her away." When the three of us get together, Danny is overly affectionate with my wife and sometimes even tries to wrestle with her.

Since we're such good pals, I felt like I should talk to him about it. But when I brought up the subject, he dismissed it as jealousy. My wife and I have discussed this problem several times, but cannot find a way to resolve it. Neither of us wants to hurt Danny or damage our friendship, but we're both getting tired of this. Any ideas? -- NEW HUSBAND IN COLORADO

DEAR NEW HUSBAND: You are both being taken advantage of. Since you have already talked to your friend about how his behavior makes you feel, it's now time for your wife to speak up.

In no uncertain terms she should tell him to lay off and that his advances are inappropriate and a turnoff. If that doesn't bring about the desired result, end the friendship.