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by Abigail Van Buren

Teen's Affair With Adult Ends With Man in Prison

DEAR ABBY: I am five months' pregnant with my second baby. At a recent family wedding, my husband's 40ish cousin came up to me and touched my stomach! No one had ever done this to me before -- and I was shocked. I instinctively "shooed" her hands away.

Well, she was offended and burst into tears. I apologized, although I thought it was very rude and that she should have apologized to me. Most of the other family members felt she had done nothing wrong.

Abby, I don't hold grudges, but my husband's family seems to. What do you say? -- MARTHA IN THE MIDWEST

DEAR MARTHA: Your husband's cousin should have asked if you minded before putting her hands on your stomach. Under the circumstances, your reaction was normal. After the baby arrives, this incident will be forgotten -- as it should be. Sometimes a dose of amnesia can have a positive effect on family relationships.