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by Abigail Van Buren

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DEAR ABBY: The reader who claimed the funny story about the drunken geese who were plucked because the owner thought they were dead plagiarized it from "Revenge of the Lawn," written and published by Richard Brautigan. The person probably meant no harm, but Mr. Brautigan deserves acknowledgment. If I'm not mistaken, his book came out in the mid-'60s. -- CYNTHIA PECK, TORONTO

DEAR CYNTHIA: Thank you for the information. Back in 1985 when I first printed the drunken geese story, no one wrote to inform me that it had been taken from a published book. Interestingly, this time several readers have sent me versions of the story, and each of them have claimed it is a true story from their family history.

I'm pleased that Mr. Brautigan has now received the credit he deserves.