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by Abigail Van Buren

Resentful Daughter Is Trapped in Bickering Parents' Divorce

DEAR ABBY: I'm only a kid, but I really need your help. I want a dog. A collie. They get along with other animals and don't need a lot of exercise. The problem is that my parents hate dogs.

They say I can have as many dogs as I want when I grow up, but I can't wait that long. Almost everyone I know has a dog. I have $375, so I can afford to buy one and pay for its food and shots. Abby, how can I change my parents' minds? -- DOG-DEPRIVED IN DENVER

DEAR DOG-DEPRIVED: There is no way I can change your parents' minds for you. If I could, I would. However, if you volunteer at an animal shelter or local veterinarian's clinic, you could fill some of the void you are feeling.