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by Abigail Van Buren

One Way Party Invitations Cause Hurt Feelings in Kids

DEAR ABBY: Last Easter, an unfortunate incident occurred in our home. I would like to share it with your readers so they won't suffer the heartbreak we did.

Like so many people, I bought an Easter lily for the holiday. My 6-month-old kitten chewed the ends off a couple of the leaves -- and died on Easter morning.

A few days later, I learned from the poison control center that Easter lilies are highly toxic to felines and cause acute renal failure that results in certain death. They are not toxic to dogs or humans.

Several veterinarians were unaware of this plant's toxicity to cats, and my own veterinarian has it listed as a safe plant.

The plant industry should label toxic plants as such on the care labels so that pet owners won't lose a beloved member of their household in such a preventable way as we did. Your animal-loving readers should write to their state representatives and demand that these warnings be made law. -- SUE VON ESCHEN, ROCKFORD, MICH.

DEAR SUE: Please accept my sympathy for the loss of your pet. Your letter is an important one, because many experts are unaware of the danger Easter lilies can pose to felines. I called the Los Angeles poison control center to confirm what you've written. Cat lovers, listen up!