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by Abigail Van Buren

DEAR ABBY: I am responding to the letter from "Tax Tips From a Professional," who offered some helpful income tax filing suggestions. The tax preparer made some excellent points.

However, point No. 7 was incorrect. The Internal Revenue Service no longer issues "temporary" Individual Tax Identification Numbers (ITIN). The process for securing a permanent ITIN is as follows: Complete application form W-7 and take the completed form to the local Internal Revenue Service office along with two forms of identification. The local IRS office will forward your application to the Philadelphia Service Center for processing. They generally issue the ITIN within four to six weeks.

Abby, please inform your readers as soon as possible to avoid the rush at the IRS offices from people attempting to take advantage of this erroneous data. Thank you. -- ANNE HAMILTON DAYE, TAX RESOLUTION REPRESENTATIVE, IRS, DURHAM, N.C.

DEAR ANNE: Thank you for correcting the erroneous information in "Tax Tips From a Professional's" letter. I am grateful -- and I'm sure my readers will be, too.

DEAR ABBY: I am in my last semester of graduate school. I am also in the midst of planning a June wedding. I already have contracts with the caterer, florist, photographer, etc., but my mother still complains about "loose ends." We have agreed on almost everything -- except for one thing: the wedding night.

My mother says that after the wedding reception, the bride and groom "traditionally" go back to the mother-of-the-bride's house to say thank you. After that, we can be free to go to our hotel room.

Abby, my wedding reception will end around 10 p.m. My mother's house is 30 minutes in the opposite direction. The flight to our honeymoon destination leaves at 9 o'clock the following morning. If we go from the reception to my mother's house, we won't get to the hotel until after midnight. My fiance thinks this is another way Mother is trying to control me.

Have you ever heard of my mother's "tradition"? -- WHAT'S UP WITH MOM?

DEAR WHAT'S UP: No, I haven't. I think your fiance is on to something. Take your mother aside at the reception and thank her profusely for all she has done. Then put on your running shoes and head for the hotel.

DEAR ABBY: Our neighbors have built a chicken coop along the fence that separates our back yards. They have eight chickens and roosters running around inside. It is a split-rail fence so all the "critters," feed bags and other equipment can be seen through the chicken wire.

These neighbors are also friends. The wife baby-sits for us and we have daily contact. We feel they should have asked us if the chickens bothered us; however, it is all on their property.

Abby, we don't know whether to put up a solid fence along that section, plant some bushes, or just forget about it. What would you do? -- TOO CHICKEN TO SPEAK UP

DEAR TOO CHICKEN: Your neighbors sound like a flock of good people. Be a good egg and plant some attractive, fast-growing shrubbery along that section of the property line. Unless there is a code that restricts raising chickens, they haven't committed a "fowl."

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