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by Abigail Van Buren

Erroneous Tax Tip May Send Taxpayers in Wrong Direction

DEAR ABBY: Our neighbors have built a chicken coop along the fence that separates our back yards. They have eight chickens and roosters running around inside. It is a split-rail fence so all the "critters," feed bags and other equipment can be seen through the chicken wire.

These neighbors are also friends. The wife baby-sits for us and we have daily contact. We feel they should have asked us if the chickens bothered us; however, it is all on their property.

Abby, we don't know whether to put up a solid fence along that section, plant some bushes, or just forget about it. What would you do? -- TOO CHICKEN TO SPEAK UP

DEAR TOO CHICKEN: Your neighbors sound like a flock of good people. Be a good egg and plant some attractive, fast-growing shrubbery along that section of the property line. Unless there is a code that restricts raising chickens, they haven't committed a "fowl."