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by Abigail Van Buren

Family of Christmas Loner Won't Leave Him in Peace

DEAR ABBY: I have read your column for years and was delighted to read another of your "pennies from heaven" letters from Lisa Angilano of Berea, Ohio, concerning her brother who was killed in a car crash. I also lost a brother last year in a car accident.

After reading the paper, I went to my usual morning Mass and decided to ask the Lord to let me know if my brother was in heaven, along with a sister and my mother who had also passed away.

I prayed to find some pennies from heaven to let me know. Later that morning, I went to the post office and when I came out, I found three pennies clustered together in an empty parking space next to my car. I was moved to tears. Now I know they are all there. -- GRATEFUL IN CALIFORNIA

DEAR GRATEFUL: If you had any misgivings, I'm pleased they were put to rest. Your experience proves the truth of the saying, "When in doubt, send money!"