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by Abigail Van Buren

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DEAR ABBY: You should be arrested for printing that hilarious story about Bud the St. Bernard. While I was driving alone on the freeway, I remembered reading about him in your column and began to laugh hysterically. I'm sure the other drivers thought I was mad!

What a dog! The woman who was stared down by Bud didn't get the message. For some reason, Bud didn't approve of her and cleverly spooked her away. That great animal should run for office. -- STILL LAUGHING, ENCINO, CALIF.

DEAR STILL LAUGHING: Whether Bud approved of her is beside the point. The woman was a guest in his owner's house. As long as the owner is home -- and presumably in charge -- the owner is supposed to be the one who decides who is welcome.

If Bud had been my dog and pulled that routine, he would have found himself in the doghouse in more ways than one.