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by Abigail Van Buren

Man Hopes Former Office Friend Can Remain a Friend

DEAR ABBY: I worked with this great gal, "Lauren," for about four years. She is very attractive. We would see each other about once a month outside of work. We never went out as a couple -- always with other co-workers. We didn't see each other as often after she got married, but we maintained our friendship.

Two years ago, Lauren quit work and she, her husband and child moved away. Within a year, they moved back to our city. I now talk to her on the phone once every three months. Whenever we talk, she says we will get together "soon" -- but we never do.

I know Lauren is married and I am single, but I would enjoy having lunch with her or going for a walk once in a while. Abby, my question is, do you think Lauren and I are still friends? -- JUST A WORK FRIEND?

DEAR JUST A WORK FRIEND: I'm sure Lauren doesn't like you any less, but it's time to face the fact that your friend's circumstances and priorities have changed. She has a husband and child who must come first. Instead of dwelling on the status of this relationship, it is time to move on and cultivate new friends.

DEAR ABBY: I adore the letters about "pennies from heaven." After reading the last one, I thought about it all day and said to myself: That could never happen to me. I don't know anyone in heaven who cares about me -- except maybe my brother who was killed in a car crash when I was 13, but he's probably forgotten all about me. I'm almost 38 now.

Three days later, after my husband and I were leaving a restaurant and walking to our car, I looked down on the filthy sidewalk and spotted a penny. I laughed and told him, "I found a penny from heaven!" I turned the penny over to check the date. I couldn't believe my eyes -- the date was 1974! Abby, I have only one keepsake that belonged to my deceased brother -- a high school class necklace with the inscription: "Senior 1974." No other date would have meant anything to me, as I don't even know what year he was born.

When I got home, I showed my family the necklace I had kept hidden all these years. Even my husband was touched. What are the chances that the penny would have the same date, the only date I would associate with my brother?

I am not religious and never thought this could happen to me. I am still shocked. My mother is astounded. Now she knows her son is where she hoped he would be. I absolutely believe it is a "penny from heaven." -- LISA ANGILANO, BEREA, OHIO

DEAR LISA: So do I. And since that penny had the power to reinforce your mother's faith and restore yours, I'd say that penny was heaven-sent -- wouldn't you?

DEAR ABBY: My parents recently retired and moved into a condo. While in the process of helping them move out of their house of 35 years, I was given some items. In one of the cartons, I discovered some steamy love letters written to my dad from another woman in 1981.

How should I handle this with my father? It was hurtful and embarrassing to find something like this after all this time. -- UNSURE SON IN UTAH

DEAR UNSURE SON: Place the letters in a manila envelope or a sturdy box and seal it securely. Give it to your father privately and tell him the contents belong to him and were taken by mistake. Period. End of conversation.

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