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by Abigail Van Buren

Toddler's Accidental Death Ends Another Life as Well

DEAR ABBY: My partner and I, who are in our 50s, have two terrific friends who are in their 30s. They are generous, considerate and polite, but have a habit that drives us crazy. Whenever they visit, we usually wind up in the kitchen where they sit their backsides on the counter to talk and visit. There are chairs and barstools in the area. Proper seating should not be a problem.

Are we being old-fashioned or is this impolite? If so, how do we correct the situation? -- HOMER IN SAN DIEGO

DEAR HOMER: Your friends are used to a more casual kind of hospitality than you are used to extending. As long as their backsides are covered, I see nothing wrong with their sitting on the counter. However, since it offends you, request that your guests seat themselves where you prefer. (An alternative would be to spray the counter with bleach before they arrive ... only kidding!)