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Lift Your Glasses High in Honor of All Mothers

DEAR READERS: It's Mother's Day, a fitting occasion to share a toast to all mothers, submitted by June Cotner, author of "Family Celebrations, Prayers, Poems and Toasts for Every Occasion" (Andrews McMeel, 1999).

To all mothers, stepmothers, foster mothers, surrogate mothers, grandmothers and mothers-in-law, and to all female citizens of the global village who help to raise children, a salute! Read on:


SuzAnne C. Cole, Houston

Please lift your glasses high to honor mothers,

Everyone's first love,

Who risk their lives giving birth,

Who respect the heart-thoughts of their children,

Who know "mother" is not the same as "smother."

To mothers,

Who always believe we can and will improve,

Who love us deeply enough to let us go,

Who end every phone call with "I love you,"

Who never give up hoping for our happiness.

We thank them for their strength,

We honor them for their suffering,

We forgive them their mistakes,

For in becoming aware of their limitations,

We learn to acknowledge our own,

To our mothers -- and their love.

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