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by Abigail Van Buren

Girl Who Says No to Bra Gets No Support From Her Friends

DEAR ABBY: I recently received an invitation to a wedding shower requesting that all gifts should be made in cash. Included with the invitation was a small envelope in which to place the money.

When I inquired about presenting a more traditional gift to the couple, I was told they didn't need anything. They have purchased an expensive new home, furniture, new automobiles, etc. The wedding and reception are being paid for by the bride's family, so the bride and groom have incurred little or no expense for these events.

Abby, I have attended bridal showers and weddings where a money tree was offered as an option in gift-giving. However, I find this to be in extremely poor taste and highly presumptuous. I have talked to others who are being invited, and we see this as nothing more than a ploy to gather a huge cash gift.

Your thoughts on this, please. -- AN OFFENDED FRIEND

DEAR OFFENDED: I agree that to ask for money is in poor taste and presumptuous, and to include an envelope with the invitation was tacky. I'd advise you to skip the shower unless you want to be soaked.