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by Abigail Van Buren

Son's Faraway Wedding Is Not on Parents' Horizon

DEAR ABBY: For the most part, the letter you printed from "No Name, No City, No Church" expressed some understandable sentiments. However, there was one statement made by "Ms. No" that caused me to take umbrage. She said, "If they (the men at church) were still unmarried in their 40s, there was usually a very good reason for it."

I am in my 40s. I am unmarried, and I often remark to friends that I love being single. There are many of us 40-ish men who are unmarried because we want to be -- not because we are warped, psychotic, too attached to our mothers, immature, have smelly feet, or for any other reason. It's because we like it that way.

"Ms. No's" statement would seem to imply that there is some defect in us, and I just don't think that's true. -- MIDDLE-AGED, SINGLE AND CONTENT IN ANDERSON, S.C.

DEAR MIDDLE-AGED: You'll get no argument from me. Men like you are called confirmed bachelors. Your female counterparts are equally committed to singlehood. Since you are happy, and your social lives give you all the satisfaction you desire, enjoy!