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by Abigail Van Buren

Boyfriend's Family Invitation Will Be Opportunity to Learn

DEAR ABBY: My wife works for a small company with fewer than 12 people. We want to have a party, but there is one employee I don't want to invite because she never stops talking, is loud and opinionated on every subject, and says vulgar things in mixed company. We don't consider her a friend.

My wife is afraid it would be wrong not to invite everyone. What do you think? -- PARTY PLANNER IN L.A.

DEAR PARTY PLANNER: If you were planning a party and inviting social friends, then it would be appropriate to invite only those you wish to attend. However, since you and your wife plan to have an "office party," every employee should be included.

If this opinionated co-worker got wind of the fact that she'd been excluded, your wife would hear about it -- loud and clear -- for months to come.