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DEAR ABBY: When my beloved transferred pictures and cards to a new wallet, he found a clipping from an old Dear Abby column. He'd carried it for ages. Unfortunately, it is tattered, frayed and worn away around the folds.

Abby, please reprint it. We would like to share this philosophy with others in our crowd. We celebrated our 80th birthdays this year. Sign us ... STILL IN LOVE IN TEXAS

DEAR STILL: I've received several requests to reprint that letter. Read on:

DEAR ABBY: Please explain the difference between "making love" and "having sex." A lot of people confuse these two very different acts. Will you please define each one? -- JUST PLAIN BILL

DEAR BILL: In "having sex," the name of the game is sexual gratification. It's a selfish, physical exercise in which the partner can be a faceless object. (Anyone will do.)

In "making love," one is motivated by a desire to give pleasure, express deep affection and communicate one's feelings of caring. It's the ultimate in sharing. In "making love," the partner must be a very special person. (No one else will do.)

Love is a metropolis. Sex is a whistle-stop.

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