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by Abigail Van Buren

Mom Who Craves Empty Nest Hesitates to Force Child to Fly

DEAR ABBY: I had to chuckle when I read the letter from "Stuck in Franklin, Tenn.," the girl whose brother asked her to be his "best man."

My daughter was married this past June. She has two older brothers. One was her "maid of honor"; the other was her "bridesmaid." They wore tuxedos and looked handsome!

The groom's brother was his best man and also wore a tux. His sister was a "groomsman." She wore an elegant black dress and carried a simple bouquet.

I thought it was a wonderful way to honor all siblings at a wedding. Nobody was left out, and both families blended as one. -- HAPPY MOTHER-IN-LAW

DEAR HAPPY MIL: I'm sure the occasion will be a cherished memory for all who participated. However, when those of the opposite sex accompany the bride or groom to the altar, they are technically referred to as the "bride's attendants" or the "groom's attendants."