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DEAR ABBY: Having read the letter from "Newly Widowed, Baden, Pa.," who wondered when she could start going out in public, I must respond.

I am also in my 50s and was widowed two months ago. During my husband's last days fighting kidney cancer, our children and grandchildren came from out of state to be with us. The day after he died, I took my family to LegoLand. We had a wonderful day together. My husband would not have wanted us to sit around mourning his death. Instead, we celebrated together as a family.

A week after the funeral, I returned to work. I also signed up for two adult education classes and resumed my swim exercise class. If "Newly Widowed" is being stared at, perhaps it is because people don't know how to express their condolences to such a young widow. She shouldn't care what others think. If she has friends who think she should stay home and cry, she needs to find new ones.

While I miss my beloved husband with all my heart, I believe life is for the living. Please advise "Newly Widowed" to go out and enjoy life while she can. -- LYNN FROM VISTA, CALIF.

DEAR LYNN: I agree. I hope the widow heeds your wise words.

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