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by Abigail Van Buren

Mothers in Law Deserve Additional Thanks Today

DEAR ABBY: I read your column every day, although it always makes me sad to hear the problems so many of your readers have with their mothers-in-law. My dear daughter-in-law, Lona Mills, sent me this poem last Mother's Day. It made me feel so good inside that I hope you will share it with your readers this Mother's Day. -- ROSALIE MILLS, KANKAKEE, ILL.

DEAR ROSALIE: What a lovely tribute. You are blessed with a daughter-in-law who considers you to be a treasure, and from the tone of your letter, it's obvious the feeling is mutual. I'm pleased to share this poem.


"Mother-in-law" they say, and yet,

Somehow I simply can't forget

'Twas you who watched his baby ways,

Who taught him his first hymn of praise,

Who smiled on him with loving pride,

When he first toddled by your side.

"Mother-in-law" but oh, 'twas you

Who taught him to be kind and true;

When he was tired, almost asleep,

'Twas to your arms he used to creep.

And when he bruised his tiny knee,

'Twas you who kissed it tenderly.

"Mother-in-law" they say, and yet,

Somehow I never shall forget

How much I owe

To you, who taught him how to grow.

You trained your son to look above,

You made of him the man I love.

And so I think of that today

When with thankful heart I'll say,

"Our Mother."


DEAR ABBY: For the second time, I have read the little verse in your column about singing to our little ones: "Richer than I you will never be, I had a mother who sang to me."� The verse makes me cry, but I am so happy that I was able to do that for my daughter. She was my only child, and I always sang to her while she was growing up.

She developed cancer in her 50s, and I was by her bedside for many months. She would ask me to sing to her when she was in pain and could not sleep. I would sing the beautiful old hymns, and when she was dying I was given the strength to sing softly to her.

The sadness will always be with me, but I have some great memories. -- MARY E. MATHEWS, ANTIOCH, TENN.

DEAR MARY: Please accept my sincere sympathy for the tragic loss of your daughter. Be assured the sound of her mother singing familiar melodies brought her great comfort during her last days.

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