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by Abigail Van Buren

Wife Finds Many Bones to Pick With Husband in the Doghouse

DEAR ABBY: I am 74, and for the past three years, due to health problems, have been unable to write legibly. When e-mail came along, I got a computer. It brought me great joy to know that I could communicate with my family and friends of a lifetime. I have always been a writer and love to receive mail from people I care about, but I became frustrated when I could no longer write "thank-you" cards to them.

My question: Is it better to acknowledge my thanks via e-mail so the response is immediate, or wait for the days when I muster up the ability to write and sign a card? Personally, I prefer knowing they received my gift no matter how they let me know. -- RUTH PHILLIPS

DEAR RUTH: Those who care about you know about your difficulty with writing. If using a computer makes it easier to communicate with your family and friends, then do so. Perhaps you can also use it to design your own personalized thank-you cards.